Cement Cimpor

Cement is the most common material used in national construction. Both in the composition enters the most frequent structural material, reinforced concrete, as in the formulation of hydraulic cement based mortar for various purposes.

This cement is suitable for mortar laying and covering;
concrete structures such as beams, columns and slabs, concrete pavements in public or private ...

mortar Cimpor

Mortar for use in multiple-use settlements blocks and wall cladding and flooring.
Depending on the brick or block may be used various techniques for laying mortar. Usually, it is placed with a trowel, but can also be used tubes.


Cement-based adhesive for bonding ceramic medium-high water absorption in interior walls and floors.
White or gray cement, aggregates of silica and specific organic additives and / or inorganic.

Love Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain Enamel coating, monoporosa, Technical Porcelain and Enameled Porcelain Slip.
Various Styles'
Marbles, woods, minimalist, natural stone, technicians, rustic, classic and structured.


Flooring and Ceramic Coatings for Interior and Exterior.

Product types:
Porcelain stoneware Full Mass Decorated
Full Porcelain Stoneware Dough, Glazed
Glazed porcelain stoneware
Glazed stoneware
Extruded Glazed stoneware glaze and not
Glazed Earthenware Tiles
Glazed Stoneware Decorated in 3rd Fire

Thermal block

Lightweight concrete block expanded clay aggregates (Leca), the main thermal and acoustic characteristics.
Its main advantages thermal insulation, durability and fire safety, reduction of thermal bridges created by the joints, mortar economy, discrete, lightweight and easy horizontal joints to settle and handle, cost effective transportation.


Plasterboard, plaster or plasterboard laminate is one of the most widely used materials in construction to represent several advantages over traditional construction. Often used in interior partitions and false ceilings.
Its main features its resistance to fire and impact, incombustible, does not contain harmful substances, perfect finish without cracking or deformation, higher thermal and acoustic comfort.


The porcelain tiles, product achieved by use of the most advanced technologies in the ceramic industry, combines the sublime beauty of natural stone with high strength, yet, combining extreme ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Thermal insulation xps

Insulation that comes in rigid plates Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) foam for application in construction, products for insdustria and many others.
Commercialize thermal solutions for roofing, flooring and buried elements, walls and industry.

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The Company

In 1989 he founded the company Joaquim Soares & Paul, Lda. Joaquim Soares.

The May 31, 1999, Rogério Paulo Soares together with Sandra Carla Soares become the sole owners of the company to acquire the shares belonging to the remaining partners.

Located in the Industrial Zone of grassy, the company have an area of ​​14,000 m2 still having a covered area of ​​1750 meters. In order to provide a complete and efficient service to its customers, the company still has an expanded park of heavy and light vehicles.

More recently, we acquired the former premises of Armaro which very soon will be our exhibition hall. Always trying to provide our customers with a better perspective and a better understanding of the construction materials.

Over nearly two decades the company Joaquim Soares & Paul, Lda. Has been dedicated to the marketing of various building materials, ranging from aggregates, cement, mortar, ceramic floors and hydraulic, sanitary, or systems capoto even modern case bound plasters or innovative plates naturocimento.

We intend thus to innovate its work with the best products, solutions and advice on the best techniques to use.

In order to meet increasingly better and the necessity of current and future customers, the company recently started selling drugstore products having already a large number of articles at your disposal.